SAMANTINA ZÉNON is a Haitian Singer, Songwriter and Actress. Zénon developed her musical skills while singing at churches at a young age and also by studying Jazz theory-composition and sung at Jazz ensembles in college. She is also a trained theater actress and performed in many musical theater productions.

In addition, Zénon sings in 3 different languages: English, French and Haitian Creole. She’s been recognized for her soulful, passionate lyrical mezzo soprano voice and distinct five-octave vocal range. Zénon is also a profuse songwriter and screen/play writer.

Zénon is unapologetic, charismatic, and confident to use her voice to make an impact and inspire. Whether it’s with uplifting or conscious songs, she is truly a human advocate and bound to leave her legacy and imprints upon the world at large.

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 Multilingual Singer, Songwriter and Actress




Samantina worked in multiple educational programs throughout her college years, such as America Reads and Jumpstart. She also worked at after school programs and summer camps in urban neighborhoods. She realized many of the kids, like her, were raised in abusive, broken homes. Samantina wants to encourage people to break these toxic cycles and overcome these traumas in order for them to create a better future. 

"In my skin, I will always win."

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