My story is a story of trauma, but it is also a story of resilience and healing. My story is important to share, and hopefully it inspires you to heal as well.

You may not have the perfect childhood. You may not have received the apology you are owed. You may not find relationships, trust, or work interactions to be easy. AND you can still have a joy that lights up every room and a peace that is seemingly unreasonable.

Joy: The Five Lights That Clarify Your Best Self Through The Pain

Joy and peace come when you choose light. I have 5 to share with you that have resulted in my ability to integrate my pain rather than allow it to control me.

 I have faced the reality that an apology that is changed behavior will never come. Yet I can live without the chip on my shoulder and find happiness in little things.

A central message in this text admonishes You to seek the help you need to get the results you desire. Never despise that the help may come in the form of mental health.

Understand that it does not work unless you submit to your need for it. Healing does not happen unless you put in the work to correct the misinformation, retrain the reactions, and redirect the triggers.

Read this text to find a path forward no matter the pain you want to heal from. Choose the path to your best self.

Joy: The Five Lights That Clarify Your Best Self Through The Pain is finally available everywhere! From Barnes & Nobles, Target Amazon and basically the whole world wide web!


Thank you!